zondag 24 juni 2012

Your eyes are the sweetest eyes, I've ever seen.

Hi guysss (:
Yesterday I went shopping with my mom in Antwerpen. We wanted to do this for so long. But yesterday, we finally went to Antwerpen. And for me this also meant: FOREVER 21. I was so excited about the forever 21, because the clothes they sell, are just so awesome. And Taylor Swift, Megan and Liz en all those cool artist buy clothes there, super cool right! This are the things i bought.

First this cute top I bought in the Mango. I really like that it ends high. If you understand what i mean, haha.
 All from new look (:

This sunglasses at a market, and lipstick from catrice, number 080.

FOREVER 21 :D. I'm in love with the dress, on the photo it looks not very cool, but believe me, it is! And now, last but my favorite i guess:

I LOVE LOVE THIS. I loooooooove this short so much! Haha.

So that was it, I hope you guys liked it,

loves ♥

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